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December 6, 2023

Xavi Set To Sign New Barcelona Contract Until 2026 – Report

Written by Patrick Echatah

Xavi’s renewal at Barcelona is reportedly nearly complete. The Barcelona boss has been in negotiations with the club for weeks now and the details are apparently getting ironed out now the title has been won.


More Details

The deal will apparently run through June 2026 and allow Xavi to continue at the club and continue the project he’s started.

The deal is likely only that short in years due to the economic stress of the club, something Xavi is all too well aware of as he tries to plan some summer transfers.

This might be a good thing for the club too, keeping the years short. It gives Xavi a somewhat shorter leash to prove himself in European and domestic cup competitions and truly develop as a big match manager.

Xavi knows his team need to improve in Europe and will be hoping to make an impact in the Champions League next season.

A contract extension is also reward for a great first season in charge and I hope it gets signed soon!

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Multiple reports have said that Lionel Messi wants to make a decision regarding his future soon, which strongly reduces the chances the Argentine star will make his fairytale return to FC Barcelona.

At the moment, the Catalan club has not sent Messi a formal offer because they have not gotten a reply from La Liga on their so-called “viability plan.”

The plan basically outlines Barcelona’s proposed moves to comply with Financial Fair Play controls and simultaneously sign the FIFA World Cup winner.


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