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November 28, 2023

Written by Oluwaseun Oyediji

15-year-old midfielder Chloe Ricketts inks three-year deal with a fourth-year option in move to being a professional footballer.

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National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) side, Washington Spirit has signed 15-year-old midfielder Chloe Ricketts to a three-year contract with an option for 2026.

Ricketts, a current high school sophomore, officially becomes the youngest contracted NWSL player ever, passing Portland Thorns FC’s Olivia Moultrie.

Ricketts will join the NWSL through the league’s new Under-18 Entry Mechanism.


At 15 years, 283 days old when she signed, Ricketts surpasses Moultrie, who signed her first professional contract at 15 years, 286 days old on June 30, 2021.

Ricketts joined the Spirit for preseason training camp in January after being invited as part of a group of non-roster players, traveling with the team to Florida as well as training in Leesburg, Virginia.

The young player impressed in training with her competitive drive and ability to compete with players at the professional level.


Mallory Swanson’s husband, Dansby, told USA Today this week that the Chicago Red Stars promised to “do right by” their star if she asked for a trade.

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Dansby also plays in Chicago, after signing with the Cubs in December.

According to Dansby, if he had signed with a different baseball team, the Red Stars would’ve been willing to let Mallory join him in a different city.

“Say I had signed with the Dodgers, they would have traded her to a team that’s in Los Angeles. They were very open to that,” he said.

Mallory will be an unrestricted free agent after this season but is likely to stay put now that the couple is settling in the Windy City.

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