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December 1, 2023

UEFA President Takes A Shot At Superleague

Written By Onyeka Daniel

The ECA (European clubs’ Association) recently met to discuss the way forward for the association and the UEFA president took the opportunity to fire some shots at the three remaining clubs in the ESL (European Superleague).

The ESL was formed in April by top clubs in Europe, following the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on the economy of most European clubs, which included Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, and some other teams from England and Spain as they bid to form their league which would have rivalled UEFA.
The world of football and its followers were shocked and summarily condemned the creation of the Superleague and eventually, some of the clubs involved had to withdraw their membership after their fans protested against the League but Juventus, Real Madrid, and Barcelona remain committed to the project and hope it would take off again in the near future, which has drawn the ire of UEFA.

“In 2020 and 2021 nothing has been normal”, Ceferin said, “Now what we all want is to return to normality. But for that, it’s essential to maintain unity in the face of the misfortune and talkative Super League.

“The ESL has been an episode, that we do not want to live again. We have to be united and be a model for football.”


Alongside his comments on the ESL, Ceferin also confirmed UEFA’s ongoing commitment to ensuring financial compliance from their big-spending member clubs.


The new ECA President and Paris Saint-Germain president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi has taken a more direct approach as he lashed out at the three clubs still in the ESL.

He was also speaking at the ECA convention in Geneva after he was elected as the new president of the association.

“Together we defended the interests of European football for everyone. We relied on the resolve and strength of UEFA president, Aleksander Ceferin, who stood up to the midnight coup. He said ‘we will win’ and we did.

“While the three rebel clubs waste energies, twist narratives, and continue to shout at the sky, the rest of us are moving forward.” He said.

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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