“There Were Mistakes In This Final” World Cup Referee Admits

Written By Onyeka Daniel

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has finally come and gone with many intrigues and drama, especially the upsets that was witnessed.

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In fact, the upsets outweighs the errors from referees, which is usually the main talking points of major tournaments like the World Cup.


But for Polish referee, Szymon Marciniak, who was in charge of the final between Argentina and France, he made a mistake in the game even if it had no impact in the grand scheme of the game.

He made history by becoming the first official from Poland to oversee the biggest game in world football and received plenty of praise for his handling of the game which was devoid of any major controversy.

Among Marciniak’s highlight were three rightfully awarded penalties and booking French striker Marcus Thuram for diving even without being called by the VAR. Marciniak did highlight an episode in the game he wished he had done better,

“Of course, there were mistakes in this final,” he said. In tbe“I interrupted the French counter-attack after a bad tackle by Marcos Acuna.

“I was afraid that the fouled player wanted to unwind, and I read it wrong because nothing happened, and you could give an advantage and then come back with a card.

“It’s hard. In a game like this, I take such a mistake in the dark. The important thing is that there were no big mistakes.

In the end, it was an enjoyable game as Argentina held their nerves to lift the trophy after squandering a 2-goal lead to win through penalties.


When Lionel Messi lifted the World Cup trophy, he was adorned in a cloak which is better known as Bisht. The bisht is a traditional men’s cloak that is part of the region’s ancient heritage and is worn in special ceremonies.

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In a new development, Messi has received a one million dollar offer to sell his bisht. Omani parliament member, Ahmed Al Barwani, made the offer in a tweet just days after Qatar’s Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani adorned the Argentinian champion with the cloak after his team defeated France at the finals.

“My friend Messi, I congratulate you on winning the World Cup. The Amir of Qatar dazzled me as he placed a bisht, a symbol of magnanimity and wisdom, over your shoulders,” the tweet read. “I’m offering you a million dollars to give me that bisht.”

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