The Ripple Effect Of Equal Pay In Women’s Football

Only a month after the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) and the United States Soccer (U.S. Soccer) announced their groundbreaking collective bargaining agreement promising equal treatment, equal compensation, and even equal FIFA prize money, the ripple effects have been obvious.

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Other nations have committed to equal treatment and bonus structures in the weeks since, and one federation has a similar conflict brewing.

Recently, Spain and the Netherlands both announced that they will be giving their women’s national teams the same treatment and salary as their men’s team.

The Netherlands had previously been in talks for a slow increase in the women’s national team’s compensation as far back as 2019, and this week committed to equal bonuses starting on July 1, which will include this summer’s Euros.
“I am very grateful to the KNVB that we have achieved this and in this way can take a big step together towards an equal appreciation for both men and women who play for Oranje,” star striker Vivianne Miedema said.

In Spain, RFEF and the Spanish women’s national team reached a long-term deal to improve working conditions and provide better financial compensation and an equal percentage in future sponsorships.


“We want to be the best players, the best team, and the best national team. We’re going to England [for the Euros] to give it our all,” said Spanish co-captain Irene Parades. “I appreciate the support of FUTPRO in this negotiation. We will continue to give our lives for this shirt.”

The next team to watch in terms of the fight for equal pay and treatment are reigning Olympic gold medalists Canada.


Canada’s men’s players are currently in a pay and labor dispute with Canada Soccer, which led them to boycott a recent friendly against Panama.
One of the conditions in the men’s dispute is an “equitable structure with our women’s national team that shares the same player match fees, percentage of prize money earned at our respective FIFA World Cups, and the development of a women’s domestic league.”

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However, the women’s national team released a statement on June 5 that stated “the women’s national team does not view equal FIFA percentages as between our respective teams to be equal pay.”

The CanXNT has been bargaining with Canada Soccer since January of this year, with little resolution in sight.

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