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November 30, 2023

Spanish Women’s Players Wear Long Faces To Forced Camp

Written by Oluwaseun Oyediji

The camp of the Spanish women’s national team officially opened with players putting up a long face in camp on Tuesday.

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The players are heading to various locations – some in Madrid, others in Valencia – as the RFEF (Spanish Football Federation) makes multiple changes.

The training ground, further away in Valencia, lacks floodlights for evening training. Players face no option but to attend camp.

As per @antonmeana, Spain’s Higher Sports Council (CSD) will mediate with the players On Tuesday afternoon for a peaceful resolution.

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If a player doesn’t wish to participate, efforts will be made to release them without sanctions. Sanctions as per the Spanish sports law include a two to 15-year suspension of their federative licenses for non-compliance and a hefty fine.

The chaos in Spanish football continues after a statement from the players of the women’s national team said they did not want to be called up for international matches.

Fifteen of the World Cup-winning squad members were named to Montse Tome’s inaugural squad on Monday. Jenni Hermoso was not included in the squad and says the announcement shows “nothing has changed”.


FC Barcelona player, Mapi León has made a statement upon her arrival in Valencia to join the Spanish National Team camp: “We should talk at length about whether we are going to a safe place or not when they are forcing us.” “If they are going to sanction us, then we will have to come.

“I believe that my position has been very clear, at no time have I changed my mind. I have given up a lot.”

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Regarding the protection of Jenni Hermoso: “That is the question we all have to ask ourselves, what do we have to protect ourselves from?”

Some of the Spain players who had said they were boycotting the team have turned up for international duty this week, according to the BBC.

It is reported that they have done so because of the potential legal repercussions of not attending, which could include being banned from the team and fined.

The boycott comes in the wake of the fallout from former Spanish federation president Luis Rubiales kissing player Jenni Hermoso during the World Cup final trophy presentation, a non-consensual act that sparked outrage and led to Rubiales resigning, head coach Jorge Vilda being sacked and scores of players going on strike.

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