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December 6, 2023

Plans For A New Stadium Already Underway As Confirmed By Inter Milan CEO

Written By Onyeka Daniel

Inter Milan have taken decisive steps towards building their own stadium and this step will see them have a different venue from their city rivals, AC Milan as they both share the stadio Giuseppe Meazza.

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Both clubs agreed on the need to build a new modern ground, one that can boost their matchday revenues and they have been trying to build a new stadium where the current stadium stand since 2019. This means tearing down the current ground and raising a new one in the same location.

Last month, the regional commission for the cultural heritage in Lombardy denied the two clubs’ new stadium project. The commission considered the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium a venue of cultural and historical significance. Thus, it prevented the two clubs from demolishing it.


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This served as a deadly blow to Inter and Milan’s shared stadium project. Therefore, the two Serie A giants have decided to part ways in their pursuit of a new suitable location. Each club could now build its own stadium in a different region.

The Rossoneri have decided to build in the San Donato region. Meanwhile the Nerazzurri are considering building theirs in Rozzano and this was confirmed by the club’s CEO Beppe Marotta, who has confirmed that today Inter Milan took important steps towards new stadium plans.

Speaking to Sky Sport, the Nerazzurri executive commented on the recent meeting where the club formally presented plans in the city of Rozzano, as well as on the Inter players in the Italian national team. Earlier today, Inter executives met with the administration of the commune of Rozzano. The Nerazzurri, led by Corporate CEO, formally presented their plans for a new stadium project.

Reportedly, the new stadium could potentially have a capacity as high as 70,000. And there would not necessarily just be a stadium – other commercial activities could also be part of the development. Inter are going down a route that would see them completely abandon their existing plans to replace the San Siro.

The Rozzano area us close by to the city, within the greater metropolitan area. However, it is outside the city limits. And now Inter look to be going full speed ahead on these plans. The club’s CEO Beppe Marotta confirms this. Of the stadium, Marotta said that “The stadium is like a container for emotions and faith. The fans transmit it to the players.”

“It’s our home,” he added. “And obviously all clubs want to have one of their own.” Marotta confirmed that “My colleague Antonello is the one taking care of it. Today was an important day.” He added that “Our hope is that we can have a new home that can accommodate all of our fans.”

The Inter CEO also looked ahead to this weekend’s derby against AC Milan. “I expect it to be a great advertisement for Italian football,” he said. “It’s always a match with a special flavour.” “Beyond the pitch, the thing that’s so beautiful is the entire confrontation between the fans, the chants, the choreography,” Marotta said.

Marotta also commented on Italy’s win over Ukraine in a EURO 2024 qualifier. “I’m happy as an Italian to have seen the national team deservedly win,” he said. “Yesterday there were four Inter players in the starting eleven for the Azzurri,” he observed. “That shows that we’re moving towards a different model,” Marotta commented of the link with the national team.

He said that the Nerazzurri want “A strong core that will give us the groundwork to compete for certain objectives.” And of Inter coach Simone Inzaghi, Marotta said that “He’s proven in recent years that he’s a great coach.” “Now he’s getting excellent results. Things can only get better from here.” Marotta then commented on the signing of midfielder Davide Frattesi during the summer.

“When a player has an explicit desire to join a particular club, then that club is at an advantage,” the Inter CEO explained. “He wanted to wear the Nerazzurri shirt,” Marotta continued. “That made the signing easier.” “We got it done without much difficulty. That was due to myself, Ausilio, Baccin, and Carnevali,” he added.

“But above all, it was down to Frattesi’s strong desire to join our club.” He further added. For AC Milan, they’ve similar plans, the club is working in very close contact with local institutions and the Lombardy region regarding the land and what it is necessary to do to close the permit process.

Then, they will concentrate on the next step which would be the preparation of the construction site, to start the works in 2025. The aim of the club is to play the 130th anniversary season in the new stadium, which will have 70,000 seats, so therefore an opening in 2029.


Referee Simone Sozza has been appointed to be in charge of Saturday evening’s Serie A derby clash between Inter Milan and AC Milan. The Lega Serie A have confirmed a complete list of the officials on duty for the fixture.

It’s the Milan derby after the international break and the Nerazzurri are nominally the home side in the match. Heading into Saturday’s match, Inter still have a perfect record in Serie A from their first three matches of the season. The Nerazzurri beat Monza and Cagliari by 2-0 scorelines.

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This was followed by a 4-0 demolition of Fiorentina just before the break. Meanwhile, the Rossoneri have also managed a perfect record, the only other team to do so in the Italian top flight. Milan defeated Bologna, Torino, and Roma. Last season, Inter and Milan faced each other on five separate occasions.

The Rossoneri won the first derby, a 3-2 thriller. Then Inter got revenge in the Supercoppa Italiana, thrashing their city rivals 3-0. In the return leg in the league, Inter won 1-0. Then, Inter won both legs of the Champions League semifinal tie. Now, the two derby rivals resume hostilities for another season, and with a sense that both are standing in each other’s way for the Serie A title.

The referee for Sunday’s match will be Simone Sozza and assisting him in his duties will be Ciro Carbone and Alessandro Gialliatini. The role of the fourth official, meanwhile, will fall to Marco Guida. In the VAR booth, Aleandro Di Paolo will oversee the match to ensure to correct any errors by the on-pitch officials. Assisting Di Paolo in his duties will be Marco Piccinini. It will definitely be a test of their title credentials for the two rivals.

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