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December 6, 2023

“People Want Matches Of The Highest Level” – Carvajal On Super League

Written by Patrick Echatah

Real Madrid right-back Dani Carvajal has signed on as an ambassador for ‘OK Mobility’, and, in his new initiative with the company, has done an interview with them.


More Details

Carvajal spoke to Toni Nadal, and discussed the European Super League, among other things.

His defense of the European Super League

“People want matches of the highest level as happens in tennis, basketball or the SuperBowl. There are many things to improve, but it is difficult for everyone to agree. Our president, due to the experience he has in business, makes calculations, and together with his team they are seeing that difficult times are coming.”

On how the new generation consumes football

“It is being seen that the financial tickets are quite high for young people and that watching football is being lost among those under 30 years of age. There is not so much of an audience, television rights are going to drop, everything is going up… A negative balance is difficult to combat.”

On his Real Madrid journey

“Imagining being in the Madrid first team was already a dream for me. So having won five Champions Leagues, being in one of the club’s golden ages, is something fantastic. And I think that over time I will give it much more value still. I’m not aware of everything I’m achieving”.

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Reports out of Brazil from Bruno Andrade of UOL Esporte suggest that Real Madrid will not execute their buy option on 19-year-old right back Vinicius Tobias.

The club took the opportunity to bring the Brazilian on loan for 18 months with an option to buy around €18 million after UEFA granted permission following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Despite featuring heavily for Raul’s Castilla and for Arbeloa in the UEFA Youth League during his first 12 months in Madrid, the right back has found minutes hard to come by in more recent months.


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