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February 1, 2023

Nacho Unsure About Real Madrid Contract Renewal — Report

Written by Patrick Echatah

Real Madrid defender Nacho Fernandez came through Castilla and has been at the club since, the Spaniard is happy with any role he’s given and putting his heart on the field with great performances over and over again.


More Details

Nacho, now 32, currently has a contract with Real Madrid which lasts until 2023. He reportedly has an offer from Real Madrid which would extend the Spaniard until 2024. He would receive the classic one-year extension the club offers to players over 30.

But a report in Marca today suggests that Nacho has not agreed to an extension yet, and that he’s looking to see what other options he has over the next few months.

The reason for him waiting, per that same report, is that Nacho feels like he can play more than he currently is, and right now he’s fourth choice center-back behind Antonio Rudiger, David Alaba, and Eder Militao.

Nacho will not be ahead of any of those players unless there’s an injury or suspension. Though, it’s also clear that given the amount of times injuries and suspensions unfortunately happen at Real, Nacho would still play quite a bit of football.

Another factor is that Nacho would surely have to downgrade clubs if he chose a team that prioritized his playing time.

It’s perfectly reasonable for Nacho to wait to see what his options are before signing any deal, and there is plenty of time left for the club and player to find a solution.

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Real Madrid attacker Eden Hazard is considering his retirement from the Belgian national team, according to a report published this Friday on Marca. Hazard is exploring that possibility after Belgium got knocked out of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in the Group Stage.

This World Cup marked the end of Belgium’s golden generation, the one led by Hazard all along. It ended with a surprising, yet revealing decision by Roberto Martinez, who only played the attacker around 10 minutes in the decisive match against Croatia.

Hazard’s career as an elite player is over and he would like to focus on club football, per that same report on Marca.


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