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Written by Patrick Echatah

Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric talked to the press during Croatia’s training camp and stated once again that he wants to sign a contract extension with the club.


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Modric was asked about the rumors suggesting that he will reunite in Saudi Arabia with former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Everyone keeps asking me the same questions, I think I’m getting bored delivering the same answers. You know my wish and my hope and that is to stay in Real Madrid.

I know you all have to write some stuff and I can’t to anything about that, but I’ve said it a hundred times and I will repeat it now. I want to stay in Real Madrid,” he said when asked about the matter.

Modric hasn’t signed a contract extension with Madrid just yet but it looks like the two sides will reach an agreement as soon as the season ends, just like they did last year.

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It’s already been almost two years since Real Madrid’s legendary defender Raphael Varane made a surprise departure in the summer of 2021 to play for Manchester United.

Varane, who left in the same window as fellow center-back partner Sergio Ramos, seems to be enjoying life in England. But perhaps as surprising as his departure, the French defender revealed he is open to returning to Real Madrid.

In an interview with GQ, Varane spoke about possibly retiring in the Spanish capital. “There will be no other (new) team,” Varane told GQ. “I will finish my career at Real Madrid, at Manchester United or at Lens.


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