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February 1, 2023

Juventus Risk Relegation With Fresh Messages Uncovered

Written By Jacobs Dunga

Juventus FC face serious sanctions should the club be found guilty of the latest allegations being revealed.

More Details 

Messages from the team’s WhatsApp group of Juventus where then captain Giorgio Chiellini was addressing the team over unpaid salaries have leaked.


The leaked messages which was based on discussions about the players’ secret agreements concerning their salaries.

Juventus during the pandemic in 2020 announced that players had agreed to waive their salaries for four months but WhatsApp messages leaked via Sportface.it have revealed the club paid its players under the table as against the public communication from the club.

The former captain told the rest of the team not to publicly discuss the agreements of their contracts as they fit.

“Hello everyone, as you know we are talking with Fabio and the president to try to help the club and all the employees in this difficult moment. The final proposal is this: we are missing four months of salary, three months paid in case we manage to finish the season, two and a half months in case we stop.

“The president has guaranteed the payment of one month’s salary on July 1 and the rest in the 20/21 season. They really thank the whole team for their sensitivity. In case of okay, tomorrow I will have a paper signed by the president where he guarantees the above.

Due to stock market legislation, the communication that would come out is only of the waiver of the four months. You are asked NOT TO TALK IN THE INTERVIEWS about the details of this agreement.”

“You will receive in the next few days a sheet that is worth everything and nothing like the one the president and I signed, where we commit ourselves to giving up the remaining months of this season.

Subsequently, your lawyers or agents will be contacted and AT THE SAME TIME the contracts valid for this season and next will be signed. Juventus will make a press release saying that we are waiving four monthly payments to help the club. Thank you for everything.” As revealed by Sportface.it.

The club is also under investigation for inflated capital gains with sanctions that could become as severe as that of the 2006 Calciopoli scandal.


Reports coming from Italy suggest that Inter Milan could go for AS Roma defender Chris Smalling.

The English defender has six months left on his current deal but could walk away should he decide not to renew with the capital club.

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Smalling has a clause in his contract that automatically guarantees him a renewal for another year should he play fifty percent of the club’s matches.

Radio Radio however reports that in case an agreement isn’t found between both parties the player can then possibly move to Inter as a free agent with Inzaghi an admirer.

The former Manchester United defender is in his third season with the Giallorossi after his arrival from English football and has gone on to settle well in the land of the Azzurri.

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