Is this Liverpool side the most unbeatable in the Premier League ever?

Liverpool is very close to winning their first Premier League title. It would take them 30 years to eventually win it if they don’t bottle this one.

What is even more intriguing is how tough it is to find a way past this Liverpool team.

They have now played and beaten all but one Premier League side this season. Only Manchester United managed to get them to drop points and the Red Devils were even lucky to have gotten a point from that game.

They are currently European and World Champions, both trophies were won by some outstanding football.

Liverpool’s head coach Jurgen Kloop speaking to his counterpart Guardiolar in an encounter against City.

The Reds control every single game they play nowadays. While I believe that they are not the perfect team, I think they might be the toughest side to beat among teams that have competed in the Premier League.

Jurgen Klopp’s side has mastered the act of neutralizing whatever is thrown at them.

Their game against Sheffield United, Wolves, and Leicester City showed just how ordinary Liverpool can make anyone.

They might not go unbeaten this season, but they would need to have a very bad day before any team can find a way to beat them.

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