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Inter Ultras Release Statement Backing Milan Skriniar’s Decision

Written By Jacobs Dunga

The player who recently refused to sign an extension with the club, preferring a move away has now given his reasons.

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Inter Milan Ultras known as the “Curva Nord” have released an official statement as to the situation regarding defender Milan Skriniar.


The Slovakian recently signed a pre contract agreement to join PSG at the end of the campaign after refusing Inter’s renewal proposal.

The Curva Nord had issued a statement saying they’ll treat the player based solely on his decision for the future.

However, after having held a close meeting the player and listening to his side of the story, the most influential set of Nerazzurri fans have come out with a backing message for the 27 year old.

“No hard feelings towards Skriniar: the members of the Curva Nord met Milan Skriniar and after listening to his reasons, decided not to take a stand against his decision to leave Inter”. As reported by Daniele Mari.

“From now on, we invite Interisti to respect a player who, beyond his professional choices, remains part of a team that needs everyone, to get the best results”.

Skriniar will now be expected to focus on the team and its aims for the remainder of the season before leaving to join his new club.


The statement went on to reveal that the details of the chat with the player will be disclosed at the derby.

The detailed chat which has been documented in an article on the Fanzine will be released to the public during the derby against AC Milan on Sunday.

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“The chat with Skriniar was documented in an article on the fanzine that will be released at the derby and which explains what was said”

An explanation of everything that was said will be known to Interisti world wide come the derby day.

Skriniar has been at Inter since 2017 when he arrived from Sampdoria and has gone on to appear 242 times for the club with 11 goals scored from his defensive position.

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