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November 28, 2023

Gundogan’s Agent Offers Future Update Amid Barca Rumors

Written by Patrick Echatah

Ilkay Gunodgan’s agent has insisted the midfielder has not decided his future yet amid speculation he will leave Manchester City and move to Barcelona.


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The Catalans are thought to be keen to bring in Gundogan on a free transfer as they want a back-up for Pedri in time for next season.

Ilhan Gündogan, the midfielder’s uncle and agent, says Ilkay has not yet decided what he’ll do after the current campaign ends.

“There’s definitely no agreement yet with any club,” he said.

“The focus of Ilkay in recent weeks was only on Manchester City and the birth of his son.

“Now he is in the final and crucial phase of the season and is completely focused on that. Where Ilkay plays next season is still open.”

Gundogan’s agent was spotted in Barcelona recently, and the midfielder is not the only free agent the club appear to be targeting. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Inigo Martinez have also been regularly mentioned ahead of the summer transfer window.

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Barcelona have reportedly decided against signing a right-back in the summer transfer window, largely because of financial issues.

The Catalan giants have been linked with all sorts of defenders this season, with one report claiming they had 11 right-back targets on their shopping list.

Marca are now reporting that Barcelona will not sign a new full-back and will instead stick with what they have for next season.

Barca don’t have a recognized right-back in the first-team squad at present but Xavi does have plenty of options.


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