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Written By Onyeka Daniel

It’s no longer news that Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Saudi Arabia club side, Al-Nassr on a free transfer, after leaving EPL side, Manchester United by mutual consent before the World Cup started last year.

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While the move makes Ronaldo the highest paid player in the world, going by the figures that he’s going to earn at his new club, he could have been teammates with his rival, Lionel Messi at the club, according to the coach of Al-Nassr, Rudi Garcia, though it was a joke by well travelled coach.


Before the club had announced the signing of Ronaldo, Garcia was asked about the Portuguese. He did reveal himself as an unconditional fan of Leo Messi to the point of assuring, in one, that he himself would have gone to Qatar to look for the Argentine footballer.

“I tried to bring Messi directly from Doha,” he replied at a press conference when he was questioned about the possibility of Ronaldo signing for the Saudis recently.

Last year, when he was questioned on the signing of Ronaldo when the story was still gaining traction, he replied; “If you want to ask me about Cristiano Ronaldo, I’ll tell you right away, you know me, I’m not talking about this story. Let’s wait. Our championship is about to start again.” He told Gazzette Dello Sport.

The pair will now work together as they look to take the club to greater heights as they will now be the focus of many football fans worldwide as a consequence of Ronaldo’s arrival.

His impact is already being felt at the club as Al-Nassr’s followers on Twitter went up to 3.4 million, from only about 834,000. In less than 24 hours, around 2.5 million users have also started following Al-Nassr’s Instagram account.

The club themselves aren’t slowing down in their bid to bring in more stars as they’ve been linked with some top players too, including Mauro Icardi, Sergio Ramos and Sergio Busquets.


Super agent, Jorge Mendes is leading the charge for Portuguese forward, Joao Felix to move to the EPL this January and has been offering his clients to top clubs in England, including Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United.

With Atletico Madrid and the player both confirming that a move away from the Los Rojiblancos is being considered, the EPL seems like his most likely destination, as they’re the ones most likely to pay the huge fee required to sign him.

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Atletico Madrid want a €21 million package, comprising a €15 million loan fee plus €6 million gross salary and an obligation to purchase at the end of the season for a fee of about €70 to €80 million.

The 23-year-old attacker has struggled with Atletico, mainly due to injuries, but he impressed during the recently concluded World Cup and he could prove to be a smart signing for all three English clubs.

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