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November 28, 2023

FIFA Set To Introduce New Rules On Players Transfer That Could Benefit EPL Clubs The Most

Written By Onyeka Daniel

In the past few days, FIFA have been rolling out reforms and change of rules that govern the game of football and there are talks that these changes became necessary after the authority of FIFA and UEFA was challenged by the European SuperLeague recently.

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After announcing changes to the FIFA World Club Cup, they’re set to follow it up with changes to the transfer of players, especially in the area of player’s agents and how much that they can earn.


Speaking during a press conference in Qatar, FIFA president Gianni Infantino confirmed “a 10 per cent cap on what agents representing buying clubs and players being signed can receive from a transfer.” The new ruling will ban dual representation & introduce caps on commissions in transfers.

But it doesn’t end there as more changes include: “Limitations on what those acting on behalf of selling clubs could also make from deals; A curb on the rewards to family members who are not licensed intermediaries; Establishing a clearing-house through which all transfer payments must pass.”

The changes are likely to result in family members being unable to earn commission on transfers unless they are officially passed by FIFA. However, there is a chance that legal action could be taken in order to try and prevent the new regulations, with several agents expected to proceedings to court.

English Premier League clubs will benefit the most from this new changes if it gets implemented as records show that they’ve paid the most in terms of agent fees in the last few transfer windows.

It was revealed that Man City had paid the most in agent and intermediary fees £35 million from 2021 to 2022 (the Erling Haaland transfer quickly comes to mind), with Man United a close second with £29 million and Chelsea rounding off the top three with £28 million.


Liverpool are set to battle it out with Chelsea for the signature of young German talent, Yousouffa Moukoko, whose contract with German side, Borussia Dortmund is set to expire next year June.

With the prospect of signing him for nothing, Moukoko a tempting prospect, given his immense talent as he’s already playing regular football for both club and country despite being just 18yrs of age.

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Chelsea, who have been on a massive campaign of recruiting young talents after signing the likes of Carney Chukwuemeka and Cesare Casadei, wants to add Moukoko to their ranks and have the financial power to carry out the operation.

But they will now be wary of the competition from Liverpool as the player is very much liked by Jurgen Klopp, who described Moukoko as a ‘sensational talent’. According to reports, Chelsea will try to beat the competition by offering a fee to Dortmund in January instead of waiting until June.

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