FIFA Looking To Match Men’s World Cup Prize Money With Women’s Ahead Of 2027 Event

Written by Olaleye Oluwadamilola

FIFA are looking to regulate the prize money for men’s World Cup to be on the same level with the women’s following players demand that there should be equal treatment, conditions and reward same as thier male counterparts ahead of the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

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The world governing body has now hearkened to thier cries after revealing that all prize money will be the same starting from 2027 when the next World Cup will be played same as the prize money that men will get in the 2026 event.

Women’s World Cup prize money has risen from $30m in 2019 to $110m for this year’s tournament in Australia and New Zealand atlhough men’s prize money in Qatar was $440m with FIFA aiming for 2027 women’s tournament to match 2026 men’s event as reported by Sky Sports.

Players from 25 national teams – including the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) and fellow previous World Cup winners Germany, Japan, and Norway – signed a letter addressed to the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) president Gianni Infantino last October.

In the letter, the global players’ union FIFPRO asks FIFA to enact proposals that help to “set a path for women’s footballers to have viable economic prospects through FIFA’s reach, resources, and already stated statutory commitments to nondiscrimination.”



Gianni Infantino has announced FIFA’s intention for equal prize money by the 2027 Women’s World Cup. The women’s World Cup prize money is rising to $110m for this year’s tournament, from $30m in 2019.

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Women’s World Cup prize money is rising to $110m for this year’s tournament, from $30m in 2019.

There will also be an additional $40m for team preparation money and for clubs who release players.

At the men’s World Cup last year in Qatar the prize money on offer totalled $440m.

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