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Faroe Island Women’s Team Gets New Coach

Written by Oluwaseun Oyediji

The Faroe Football Association has appointed 36-year-old Signe Pries Andersen as a national team coach for the women’s A-national team.

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Since the turn of the year, they have been working on appointing a new head coach to the women’s national team, and earlier this week it was decided.

Signe Pries Andersen and Christian Andreasen signed the agreement, which stipulates that for the next four years, Signe will be a regular in the national team and will also have a daily job at the Football Department at FSF, where she will collaborate with the company on the culture of the men’s and women’s side as a whole.

“Signe has good and relevant work experience with her, and her human touch and respect are very important to her.” Says Pætur Smith Clementsen, technical director for the newly installed national team.

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Signe Pries Andersen herself reports that she is happy enough with the new role.

“I am extremely excited to start work. I got a good picture of Faroese football and there are many exciting possibilities in the work that will be done to raise men’s and women’s football in the Faroes. The juxtaposition between the national team waiting and the action day, when we should try to educate the people around us in the clubs, also brings a lot of joy to me, the victory.”


They started the racing year last year with a lot of noise and a lot of noise in the head-to-head battle after the first half but since then EBS/Skála has been struggling to find a team, and this year it’s more about culture than medals, Lea Lisberg’s victory.

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“We have had a big loss, and several of our most experienced actors are no longer in the group, so we have a very young group. Now we have to finish off Rakul Magnussen, who for many years has led our midfield, and midfielder.

Kára Djurhuus, who is also not with us long
But we hope to team up with Alex, she wins.” Aleksandar Djordjevic asserted.

In addition to his many experiences as a player, he has also won more championship titles than usual with the KÍ women, in addition to the fact that he has also won the best women’s team at B36.

That being said, the start at EBS/Skála has been a rough one.

“We’ve been pretty sad, caused by the loss and the fact that we’ve spent time trying to get the young ones up, and we also have more players, who also play handball but now we’re happy for ourselves to get going, victory for the national team player.”

If EBS/Skála has more or less consistently been at the top for the last year, then 2023 will be a cultural year for Lea Lisberg at the team.

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