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December 1, 2023

Ex-Liverpool Star Wants The Club To Sell Naby Keita Amidst Contract Extension Saga


Written By Oluwayemi Omolagba

With Naby Keita’s contract extension with Liverpool stalling, former player of the club has suggested they cash in on him immediately.

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Keita joined the Reds as a high-profile signing in 2018, making the switch from RB Leipzig for a fee of £52.7 million. At the time, the African star was on an upward trajectory in his career, having been linked with a number of top clubs in Europe.

However, Keita often found himself sidelined due to injury and struggled to make a lasting impression in Jurgen Klopp’s starting XI.


With his contract set to expire at the end of the season, Keita will be free to negotiate with foreign clubs from 1 January 2023.

Reports in Germany, as per Liverpool Echo, suggested that Keita was unhappy with new contract negotiations and that he could leave before the end of the current transfer window.


Liverpool Echo reports that Liverpool received no indication of Keita being unhappy with his contract situation and that it is unlikely that Klopp would sanction the move, given the club’s midfield injury crisis.

According to former Liverpool defender, Jose Enrique, the club should look to offload Keita and even mentioned that rivals Manchester United should have a look at the skilful midfielder.

“If he is not happy, sell him this summer,” Enrique said on his Instagram account.

“At least we get some money. Manchester United are looking to pay £80million for Casimiro.

“Listen, United, (for Keita), half price, younger player.”

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