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November 30, 2023

Written By Onyeka Daniel

It’s been a struggle for Chelsea this season in the EPL and in Europe that even replacing Thomas Tuchel with Graham Potter could fix, nor could a spending spree during the January transfer window fix either.

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The feeling within the club is that it’s just a phase and with time, the results will start coming in and there are certain players that are expected to lead the way for the club to turn things around. One of them is record signing, Enzo Fernandez while Joao Felix, who is on loan from Atletico Madrid is another one.


Fernandez became the most expensive player in British football history when Chelsea paid Benfica £107m for his services, while Felix arrived on a temporary deal from Atletico Madrid, after Chelsea paid a £9m loan fee. While things are yet to click on the pitch, Fernandez believes it’s just a matter of time and has spoken positively about playing with Felix.

“When you get on with someone off the field it helps on the field to have that special connection,” Fernandez said in an interview with The Times. “He’s a great player, isn’t he? A fantastic player. He’s got lots of ability and loads of qualities.

“He’s a key player for us, an important player and he’s on loan. Let’s hope that Chelsea can do all they can to keep hold of him come June, that would be great.” “The amount of money that is paid is nothing to do with me,” added Fernandez when asked if his huge price tag could be affecting his performance for the club.

“My job is to go out on the field and give my best at all times. “I know I’m still young and I need to keep learning, but at some point in the future, maybe tomorrow, maybe at some point in the future, I want to really demonstrate that I’m a leader both in the group off the field but on the field as well.” He further added.

Chelsea will be facing Tottenham Hotspur away from home and will be hoping for a positive result to kick start a positive turn of events for the Blues and begin their hunt for an European spot at end of the season.


Chelsea could be tempted to let their midfielder, Mason Mount leave the club at the end of the season, especially if he fails sign a new deal by June when he will be entering the final year of his contract with the club.

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Mount, who earns around £75,000 a week, is far from one of the top earners despite being a seasoned international for England. The main bone of contention is that the player doesn’t want to sign a long term contract like the rest of Chelsea winter signings, unless his wages is increased significantly.

Reports in Spain has it that Chelsea plan to offer the player to Atletico Madrid as a player plus cash payment for Joao Felix, as they’re not prepared to pay the €80 million required to sign the Portuguese permanently from the Los Rojiblancos at the end of the season when his loan deal expires.

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