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Carlo Ancelotti: “I Hope This Racism Issue Can Be Resolved Soon”

Written by Patrick Echatah

Following Real Madrid’s 2-1 victory over Rayo Vallecano, Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the press room at the Bernabéu and he analysed the game, discussed the racism issue some more and also confirmed that Fran García will join the club next season.


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Ancelotti on Fran García

Asked about Fran García, Ancelotti went a step further and confirmed that he’ll be moving to Real Madrid in the summer. He said: “He is a very energetic left-back. He is quick with the ball and attacks well. He is a good profile for us and he’ll join us next season.”

Ancelotti on the punishment handed to Valencia

On the five-game partial stadium closure handed out to Valencia, the Italian stated: “Everyone has realised what is happening and our society is full of intelligent people, especially in Spain. When there are intelligent people taking decisions, the problem can be solved.

Ancelotti on Benzema’s physical issue

After he scored the opener, Karim Benzema appeared to be in some pain. Asked what had happened, Ancelotti said: “Benzema had a cut on his leg in the first half. We looked at it at half-time, but he could continue.

Ancelotti on how Vinícius is feeling

Asked about Vinícius’ red card being overturned and for an update on how the Brazilian is feeling, the coach said: “He is feeling good. All the support he has received has been good for him. If he hadn’t had knee pain he’d have played today. We’ll see tomorrow if he can train and play in Saturday’s game.

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About 100 Brazilians gathered outside the Spanish consulate in Sao Paulo on Tuesday to protest against the racist abuse of Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior in Spain’s top-flight football league, La Liga.

The protesters, some belonging to human rights groups movements, chanted slogans such as “La Liga is racist” and “End racism in Spain and in Brazil” for about an hour.

They brought banners and stickers that read “Vini Jr, I am with you.” They also projected the words “It is not soccer, it is racism” onto the walls of the consulate. Some even brought flares.


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