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September 22, 2023

Bayern Goalkeeper Manuel Nueur Suffered Cancer, Had Three Operations

Written By Jacobs Dunga

The German shot stopper has revealed his battles with cancer and his new sun cream line.

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Bayern Munich and Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has revealed via his Instagram that he had suffered skin cancer to his face and had to be operated upon three times.


The 36 year old is regarded as the best in his position in the modern game and is credited for reinventing the sweeper keeper role.

His struggles with the ailment has caused him to team up with German tennis star Angelique Kerber to start a sun cream line that will help prevent people, sportspersons especially, from suffering from the disease.

Neuer in a video posted online said: “We both have a history of skin diseases. In my case, skin cancer on my face, which required three surgeries.

“When it comes to sunscreen, we have therefore paid attention to maximum protection.

“Since we train outside all the time and also like to spend our free time in nature, it is essential for us to start with modern sun protection filters and a sun protection factor of 50+.

“So we know for sure that we have a sunscreen that protects us continuously and with which hardly anything can burn.

The issue according to Bild first started around December 2021 while Bayern were preparing to take on Barcelona in the UCL.

Neuer went about wearing a noticeable plaster on his face before undergoing surgery three times with the scar still visible on his face.

The 2014 World Cup winner is currently recovering from a shoulder injury that has kept h⁹im out since October and is expected to WB fit for the World Cup in Qatar.


German sides RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday will take to the pitch in their concluding group stage games.

Borussia Dortmund are assured of a second place finish behind Manchester City but will hope to finish on the high as they travel to Denmark to take on Danish champions FC Copenhagen.

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RB Leipzig however are still looking at top spot in their group despite also still running the risk of qualification to the next round should they lose to Shakhtar in Donetsk.

The Marco Rose led side will go through if they avoid defeat in Ukraine and make it a one hundred percent qualification record for German clubs and could go top of the group should they win and Madrid drop points at home to Celtic.

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