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Written by Oluwaseun Oyediji

Barcelona Femení begins new series of open doors participative training sessions outside of the Ciutat Esportiva for youngsters around Catalonia.

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Next Sunday 16 April, Barça Femení will be training away from their usual home at the Ciutat Esportiva in Sant Joan Despí. They will be going to Palamós for an open doors session with 120 young players from the area who will get to meet and train with the players.

This is the first of a series of similar events to take place at different football grounds in Catalonia.

The gates will be open for free from 11 am to 2 pm, where the fans can first watch the Barça women’s training and then see how 120 young boys and girls, pre-selected by the clubs involved, will be training with the stars.

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For 40 minutes, the youngsters will be able to talk to and learn from their role models in a series of joint exercises and actions. The event will end with a group photo, and the players will be throwing signed footballs into the crowd.

The senior women’s football team has achieved unprecedented social impact in recent years, and that’s not just because of their beautiful football and the trophies they have collected, but also because of the brilliant way that they treat their fans.

And all of that is helping to further increase their influence on new generations of young girls, who view them as their role models.


Claudia Pina has sprained her right ankle and won’t be available for today’s match with Valencia.

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It has also been confirmed that the team will wear a shirt with Rosalía’s “MOTOMAMI” album printed on their jerseys in their game against Real Madrid on the 25th of March.

Jonathan Giraldez’s side is among clubs interested in Canadian International, Ashley Lawrence who will leave PSG this summer.

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