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Barça Told To Expect Offers For Andreas Christensen – Report

Written by Patrick Echatah

Andreas Christensen has been excellent for Barcelona this season. The Danish defender has slotted himself into Xavi’s first choice for defenders quickly this year and when he’s healthy and a big match is on the line, he’s going to play.


More Details

Mateu Alemany has reportedly met with Christensen’s agent recently to chat about the future with the defender.

Alemany apparently expressed how happy Barca are with Christensen’s performances this season and how a contract extension is something that they intend on making happen in the future.

Behind the scenes, Christensen’s agent has apparently told Barca that he’s expecting to receive offers for the defender from Premier League clubs. Christensen is said to be happy at Barcelona and the club don’t want to sell but it’s not as easy as all that

Given that Christensen came on a free, any giant offer from another club may have to be something Barcelona listened to even though they don’t really want to sell.

Cutting back is something Barca must do this summer and, unfortunately, it seems Christensen simply isn’t untouchable.

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Barcelona are reportedly keen to secure Estanis Pedrola’s future after seeing the youngster return from injury and impress with Rafa Marquez’s Barca Atletic side.

The teenager scored twice at the weekendto maintain his impressive form and has already caught Xavi’s eye, having been called up to first-team training this season.

Indeed he was with the senior squad again on Tuesday, with Xavi needing a few more faces as many of his players are still away on international duty.


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