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Written by Oluwaseun Oyediji

Ahead of Sunday’s Women’s League Cup final, Arsenal FC Women coach, Jonas Eidevall is hoping that his side can defeat Chelsea FC Women to the title.

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While speaking on Arsenal TV ahead of Sunday’s game, the coach praised the fans for their support and belief the players can pay them back with a title on Sunday.

“It all starts with belief. It starts with the team, the club, but also the supporters. I am so proud of being a part of this club and being supported by people like this. They never give up and for me that’s an example of how you should have an attitude and how you get success.” Jonas told Arsenal TV.

“Sometimes I don’t feel like we don’t even deserve to get that much support, but they are there all the time and that just builds this whole sense of togetherness, so I can only say to everyone that you are making a difference. We are doing this together.”


Chelsea defeated Arsenal FC 2-0 last Sunday to progress in the Women’s FA Cup, an experience Jonas wishes to forget as he beliefs Arsenal can win the first silverware of the season.

He added: “Lets do this together on Sunday and win a trophy.”


Chelsea are the form team of the WSL alongside Manchester United and Manchester City going into Sunday’s final.

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Arsenal FC will have to forget the scar of last weekend’s defeat in the FA Cup in its bid to upset Emma Hayes’s side.

Its last two games haven’t been impressive with consecutive defeats.

A loss to Manchester City in the league was followed by last weekend’s 2-0 defeat to Chelsea.

The winner of Sunday’s final at Selhurst Park will emerge as the Champions of the first trophy of the season following the footsteps of Manchester United which clinched the EFL Cup last Sunday.

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