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September 22, 2023

Antony: Accuser Drops Case Against Manchester United Star – Report

Written by Albert Echatah

According to a recent report, one of the three women who had accused Manchester United player Antony of acting violently has dropped her lawsuit.

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Police in Sao Paulo and Manchester are looking into allegations that the 23-year-old Brazilian international assaulted his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin four times. Antony has not been detained or charged because he has denied any involvement.

Separately, Ingrid Lana, a 33-year-old banker from Brazil, stated in an interview with Record TV that Antony had been hostile toward her in October 2022 and that the footballer’s behavior might have killed her. However, according to The Telegraph, a third case concerning an incident in a car in May 2022 has been dropped at the alleged victim’s request.

After being allegedly beaten by Antony and Mallu Ohana, the ex-wife of Brazil footballer Dudu, as the three left a Sao Paulo nightclub in Antony’s Land Rover in May of last year, law student Rayssa de Freitas claimed that she required hospital care.

The Telegraph reports that the complaint, which was given to the Sao Paulo Civil Police, has since been completely repudiated. It’s believed that both of the women in the car had each other accused of sexual assault.

Two women, including Antony’s former lover Gabriela Cavallin, are still bringing charges against him. The forward has been given time off and is not currently with the United team.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said that it could take Wataru Endo a while to get used to the Premier League.

Wataru Endo may need some time to adjust to playing in the Premier League and to the higher level at Anfield, according to Jurgen Klopp, who spoke to Liverpool’s official website.

Endo transferred from VfB Stuttgart to Liverpool during the summer transfer period. The Premier League team reportedly paid £16.2 million in transfer fees for the defensive midfielder, according to Sky Sports.


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