“After The Loss To Barcelona, I Told Perez That We’ll Win The Champions League and La Liga” Carlo Ancelotti

Written By Onyeka Daniel

Still basking in the euphoria of their Champions League triumph, Real Madrid are in s jubilant mood, with Carlo Ancelotti making history.

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He became the first coach to win the UCL trophy twice with two different clubs and he has revealed the promise he made to club president, Florentino Perez after their loss to Barcelona on the 20th of March;

“When we lost on March 20 against Barcelona, I reassured him (Perez) and said don’t worry, we’ll win the Champions League and Liga. I just thought it was the right thing to say…” Ancelotti said.


He also talked about other issues, including how he was able to neutralize the attack of Liverpool and their amazing run to win the Champions League. “I think Liverpool were strong, but if you keep a high defence and give them room to attack behind you, that’s where you struggle, so our defenders did well to close those spaces.”

“Looking back, people said oh PSG were unlucky, Chelsea were unlucky, Manchester City were unlucky, this was practically the only game where people thought we were more or less on the same level,” smiled Ancelotti. “

“I think it helped that Liverpool were easier to decipher than the others, because they have a very clear identity and we could prepare the way that we did. We knew what strategy to take, don’t give them space behind the defence to run into.

“Perhaps our football wasn’t extraordinarily beautiful tonight on an aesthetic level, but playing out from the back to incentivise their pressing wasn’t a great idea. “We had a few more long balls, then when their press in our half of the pitch lessened, we got to control the ball more especially in the second half.”


Ancelotti’s son, Davide, is one of his assistant with Real Madrid and the Italian talked about what it feels like to be able to celebrate with family. “That is special, one of the greatest things that can happen when you work with your son.”.

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While the interview was going on, Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp intercepted the interview to hug Ancelotti and they whispered something to each other. “He gave me a gift last season when I was at Everton. I can’t tell you what it was, but I still have it.” Kopp appeared to say: “Do you still have my machine?”.

Ancelotti has now written his name in the history books of Real Madrid, winning them their 14th UEFA Champions League title and also in the history of the UCL competition as he won the tournament twice as a player, with AC Milan and also as a coach and winning it twice with Real Madrid as a coach.

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