Bettitude: Routine Update v1.0.1

Not the exact one you may want to hear, but hey it is May! & in the month of May, we do the most. As usual, we are always tweaking and working on things to ensure the best experience for our users, and this time we seem to have taken a big step.

Our very small “in and out” & stretched dissected team and I have been through a lot these last few months.

After a lot of planning, designing, building, and polishing, the guys have now agreed to change the dashboard UI from the ugly-looking one our founder designed in 2017 to another fairly ugly-looking one with just a couple of menu tabs now on the left for ease of access.

Bettitude Routine Update v1.0.1

There have also been new updates on the BettiSports Blog with the addition of;

  • Text-to-speech reader (to enable all our different groups of readers and subscribers)
  • Non-Disturbing ads

Indeed, this is a massive improvement for us, moving from where we were to where we are today and we hope you can be as excited as we are. Hold on to your seat for more.

P.S: The front pages of the website (Bettitude & BettiSports) are still the original piece designed by our founder.

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