BETtitude is a startup Sports data technology and media company. Bettitude provides accurate predictions and expert advisory services for its customer and subscribers through its analysis and forecasts from statistics and historical data based on its system calculated algorithm while considering different combining factors for an event. Bettitude’s main aim is to provide accurate and precise sports predictions, betting tips, and strategies that may be viewed, considered or used by its subscribers.

We are dedicated to ensuring satisfaction which is usually considered as a success by subscribers. We provide valued predictions and insights, analysis, and statistics for winning or enlightenment on sporting and various events through our designed programs, and packages. We provide you with our most accurate and guaranteed sporting events forecasts starting with soccer, basketball, rugby, etc, every day of the week, Monday through Sundays. We also aim to provide our customers extra free services such as news, and articles via our curated and well-designed media and blogging services (Bettitude Sports Blog) and also grant our customers access to live-scores of event. Our system and professional experts offer predictions for different sports starting with soccer across 21 different international and local leagues.

The Bettitude team believes that data-driven decisions beat subjective opinions. We are thorough in our work, conscious of our data, credible, and have the success of our users in mind.


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