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We at Bettitude, strive and want to provide our viewrs, visitors and most of all our subscribers the very best of sports entertainment within our capacity. Our people are all Sports people but at this point we want to maintain our focus on Football, soccer or footy, for everyone where you are and whatever you call the beautiful game.

football betting analytics

At Bettitude Probetpicks.com formerly Bettitude Analytics, we want to assist with better decision. We utilize relliable sports data across the internet which we mathematically and statistically combine to curate the best betting picks for our subscribers.

footbal news & live updates

Find the latest news and update for major football sporting events via BettiSportsBlog.com. Our expert writers goals are to curate and update us with the best contents reaging our favourite footy stars, socce3r teams, nad football leagues and competitions.

The Game We Love, For All.

Our beautiful game is for all, and we are glad to annouce that we will be bringing you live updates from the FIFA Womens World Cup to be held in Australia/New Zealand, along side our already outstanding feat of coverage of womens football accross major leagues in the world. Enjoy!

What we do & What We want to do

Betting Analytics & Combination

We LOVE data. We gather and design best possible betting picks.

Stats Gathering

There is no analytics without STATS. Finding out new betting trend is our thing.

News & Live Update

Bringing you the latest on whatever interest you have towards football.

Sports Business Consultancy

Providing Business and Social connection via our B2B access through areas such as partnerships etc.

Stats Research & AI

Automation make the FUN better, we constantly strive for up-to-date algorithm.

Sports Media & Production

See your world through our EYES. Our backdoor original productions aims to bring the very best of Contents to you.

Bettitude.com reliable sources. 

Use numbers to live it while you can. Being a member of our services ensures that your premium sports entertainment needs are promptly satisfied.



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wIN, WITH bettitude.

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Wherever it is that you are seasted in the stands, we promise to find you and make you feel the connection. Football is for all, and everyone of us deserved to enjoy and earn from it, either via cash, kind or just mere happiness!

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We know you’ve got good things, maybe not-so-good things to tell us and we would love to hear from you. Your feedback helps us improve our services to meet your satisfaction. We appreciate whatever or however way you may think we can improve.

“we leave in a numbers world, and very soon, it may get so much we would’t be able to count it no more; during that time, we hope bettitude would be able to come in handy for sports entertainment consumers – henry b.c (Group dir, bettitude).”
“No one has said anything apart from our manager, Henry B., so we’ll appreciate it if you give us your feedback”

“We aren’t promising a 100% sure winning on our bets, but having achieve an above 60% winning accuracy, we think you are more safe than not while using Bettitude probetpicks.com”

“If you think we don’t report enough about your favourite club or players, why not reach out to us and we promise our next 10 updates will specifically aim at your request”

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